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.NET Development

General .NET application development
Approved! C# 4.0 Under the Hood More Info
Approved! Implementing MEF More Info
Approved! Implementing Rx More Info
Approved! Migrating & Deploying Applications to Azure More Info
Pending Approval! node.js: Breaking out of the browser. More Info
Pending Approval! PostgreSQL More Info
Approved! Real World Azure Tips & Tricks More Info
Approved! Software estimation More Info
Pending Approval! SSIS More Info
Pending Approval! SSIS More Info
Pending Approval! SSIS More Info

AJAX / Javascript

AJAX / Javascript
Approved! Beginning jQuery More Info
Pending Approval! Building controls and Behaviors More Info
Approved! Developing Chrome Extensions More Info
Approved! Generate HTML Markup with JavaScript More Info
Pending Approval! Javascript frameworks. More Info
Approved! jQueryUI More Info
Approved! node.js: Breaking out of the browser More Info
Approved! Zero to Hero: Getting started with jQuery More Info


Boxes and arrows and such.
Approved! Beyond the Whiteboard: Enforcing Conceptual Integrity with Visual Studio 2010 More Info
Approved! Tracking Visitor Behavior in Websites More Info
Approved! Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V - Overview of Hyper-V and how to build a test / lab environment using Hyper-V More Info


Approved! Advanced ASP.NET MVC More Info
Approved! ASP.NET MVC2 with the Spark View Engine More Info
Approved! Introduction to ASP.NET Web Forms MVP More Info
Approved! Real-World Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection with WebForms (This Is Not a Drill) More Info
Approved! Securing ASP.NET MVC (Part 1) More Info
Approved! Securing ASP.NET MVC (Part 2) More Info


Azure, Amazon, Oracle, etc.
Approved! Let the Good Guys in with Azure AppFabric Service Bus More Info

Cocoa Development

For all topics Mac/iPhone/iPad related
Approved! Beginning Objective C More Info
Approved! How to code for accelerometer and Core Location? More Info
Approved! iPad 101 More Info
Pending Approval! iPhone Game Development More Info
Pending Approval! iPhone OS 4 More Info


Cascading Style Sheets
Approved! CSS for Layout More Info
Approved! Fluid CSS for the iPhone More Info

Databases (SQL/RDBMS, Document, Object)

For SQL Based RDBMS, as well as Object and Document centric NoSQL databases.
Pending Approval! CouchDB vs MongoDB vs raw Lucene vs RDBMS More Info
Pending Approval! Microsoft SQL Server 2010 More Info
Approved! MongoDB More Info
Pending Approval! MySQL Geo More Info
Pending Approval! PostgreSQL More Info
Pending Approval! PowerPivot Demo More Info


Theme and module development
Pending Approval! Beginning module development More Info
Approved! Drupal for Beginners More Info
Approved! Theming More Info

Functional Programming

Programming with Haskell, Clojure, F#, and other functional programming languages
Pending Approval! Erlang More Info
Pending Approval! Hubris: The Ruby/Haskell Bridge More Info
Pending Approval! Intro to F# for C# developers. More Info
Approved! Intro to Haskell More Info
Approved! PenTest Code Validation with MetaSploit More Info

Game Development

Game Development
Approved! Beginning Game Development With Unity More Info
Pending Approval! Beginning programming for PC, XBOX, Zune, and Windows Phone 7 with XNA More Info


Pending Approval! video More Info


Java allows you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, and view images in 3D, just to name a few. It's also integral to the intranet applications and other e-business solutions that are the foundation of corporate computing.

Pending Approval! Android Development 101 More Info


For mobile development: Android, IPhone, WP7, Palm, etc
Pending Approval! Introduction to Android Development More Info

MS Dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics CRM
Pending Approval! Customization More Info
Pending Approval! Integration with Sharepoint More Info

Outside the Box

Developing applications that interact with real-world devices
Approved! CNC for You & Me More Info
Approved! Fire it Up - Laser Operations More Info
Approved! Natural User Interfaces: Connecting Software with the Humanity. More Info


Pending Approval! Beginning Facebook app development More Info
Approved! Beginning PHP More Info
Approved! Intro to the Zend Framework More Info
Approved! Object Oriented PHP More Info


A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.

Approved! Introduction to Ruby More Info
Pending Approval! MacRuby More Info
Approved! Test-driving Ruby web development More Info


This could include development for both 2007 and 2010
Pending Approval! Business Data Connectivity More Info
Pending Approval! JQuery tips, tricks and traps More Info
Pending Approval! SharePoint 2010 Development More Info
Pending Approval! SharePoint WebPart Communication More Info
Pending Approval! Silverlight Charts More Info
Pending Approval! Workflows for SharePoint 2010 More Info


Pending Approval! Creating Silverlight User Interface Solutions More Info
Approved! Intro to Silverlight More Info
Approved! MEF and Silverlight More Info
Approved! MVVM for Silverlight More Info
Pending Approval! OData and Silverlight - Match made in heaven More Info
Pending Approval! Silverlight 4 Binding - Beyond the Basics More Info
Pending Approval! Silverlight 4 for LOB apps More Info
Approved! Why Silverlight? More Info
Approved! Windows Phone 7 Silverlight MVVM App the Test-Driven Way More Info
Pending Approval! Windows Series 7 Phone Development More Info

Software Development

Sessions related to general software development techniques independent of specific technology areas.
Approved! Distributed Version Control Systems and You More Info
Approved! Going Deeper Into Scrum, An Agile Journey More Info
Approved! Historical Debugging with Visual Studio 2010 More Info
Approved! Networking for Application Developers More Info
Approved! The Agile Manifesto - What it means to the code and the coder More Info

SQL Server

SQL Server
Pending Approval! SSAS More Info
Pending Approval! SSIS More Info


Building Voice and SMS-based phone applications.
Pending Approval! Teleku's Phone Web Service API More Info


Windows Communication Foundation
Approved! Building Modern Web Services with .Net 4.0 More Info
Approved! New Features in WCF 4 that will Instantly Make you More Productive More Info


WPF desktop application development
Approved! MVVM and MEF for WPF in (WCF/RIA) More Info